MommyJ Real Apple Pure Rice Puff (10g x 5 packs)

MommyJ Real Apple Pure Rice Puff (10g x 5 packs)

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99% of parents will make a common mistake when comes to choosing baby rice puff which is choosing the rice puff based on adult taste preference. However, most adults has long adapted to robust flavour with heavy taste bud for saltiness, spiciness, heavy sweetness.˜Please bear in mind NOT to choose the rice puff for your baby based on adults taste preference.

Since babies? brains and bodies are at a crucial stage of development, it is necessary to limit their exposure to potentially dangerous synthetic additive.˜Whenever choosing baby rice puff / cookies, parents need to carefully consider from the point of baby. Pay detailed attention to the ingredients list to check what is actually made from, selecting those that are made with least ingredients, as pure as natural as original it could be.˜Therefore, the Zero added PURE baby rice puff is what parent need best for our precious little ones.

MommyJ Rice Puff are non-fried and non-baked.The principle of production is to rapidly decompressing the raw material under pressure. The structure of the baby rice cake is porous and fluffy, it is crispy and carries a taste of natural sweetness, with nutritional value that is the reason it is very popular among children. MommyJ Rice Puff is mixed with pure natural fruits that rich in vitamins and calcium, which helps promotes the development of the children.

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